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Overhaul and shipping, when customization makes the difference.

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The client had to overhaul his yacht, overhaul also included the seals. During the disassembly phase during the analysis of the piece, which we carry out in a highly analytical way, a strong wear emerged, partly abnormal, not entirely attributable to normal operation, but also dependent on the materials used.

Our technical staff has selected materials deemed suitable for mechanical performance, but much more performing for working in the specific marine environment. The next step was to make changes to the original parts and create “Sinergo engineering” components to be reinstalled.

Everything has been reassembled and, to date with the consequent use of the yacht, the test has given excellent results with the owner’s compliments! Obviously the process was carried out in dialogue with the shipowner, and the work highlighted once again the success of a specialized analysis and implementation tailored to the specific needs of the customer, but also the strong know-how of Sinergo in the engineering field, the ethics in dealing with the customer, and the obvious acceptance of responsibility for the changes made, all in about 4 working days.

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Overhaul and shipping, when customization makes the difference.

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