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Waterjet propeller shaft seals

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We overhaul and manufacture mechanical seals for waterjet propeller shaft. Our seals are fully interchangeable with the following types:

  • KA.ME.WA waterjet asse 120 mm
  • KA.ME.WA waterjet asse 130 mm
  • KA.ME.WA waterjet asse 5''
  • KA.ME.WA waterjet asse 6,5''

  • Further, we carry out overhauling of the following types:

  • KA.ME.WA waterjet asse 202 mm
  • KA.ME.WA waterjet asse 250 mm
  • KA.ME.WA waterjet asse 280 mm

  • On request, for all types it is possible to supply overhaul kits with split


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    Waterjet propeller shaft seals

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