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The service activity plays a key role for us, and we continuously improve it over time. By taking advantage of it, you will not have to worry about anything!
We take care of all the activities, from the supply of spare parts to the complete overhaul, from emergency interventions to upgrades, always giving our support both before and after the job. Need service at your plant? Call us!
Today we talk about volumetric pump: let’s take a real example of a machine overhauled by Sinergo staff, a double hollow disc pump
reconditioned through the following steps:

– disassembly at the plant and transportation at our workshop
– cleaning, sandblasting and verification of all details and all tolerances
– replacement of all wear components (bearings, gaskets, screws)
– overhauling of mechanical seals
– replacement of shafts – impellers – bushes
– complete overhaul of electric motor
– re assembly
– Pressure test
– Painting

The pump has also been painted with high quality material:Chesterton CERAMIC-POLYMER STP-EP-HV, bi-component ceramic composite coating with special epoxy binder matrix that offers excellent abrasion resistance and corrosion protection in aggressive environments. What are you waiting for to rely on us!?

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Service? Trust us!

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